Home Improvement Projects For The New Year

The first of the year is quickly approaching and you know what that means…time for goals and resolutions! Around this time of year, we look inside ourselves to find what needs change or improvement. Oftentimes, we set our sights on physical fitness or eating healthier. One thing that doesn’t usually appear on a list of resolutions is our homes! Like us, our homes need annual improving, remodeling and fixing-up. Adding another column to your 2018 new year’s goals is easy, the execution is the hard part! Here are some tips to following through with your exterior home improvement plans this year. 

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Make A Project Inventory 

Creating a detailed list of potential projects for your home can quickly become longer than anticipated. Even though it may not be realistic to achieve ALL your home improvement projects in 2019, write them all down! It is important to document what aspects of a house could use some TLC. After you have jotted down some re-vamping to-do’s, prioritize them in order of what project should be tackled first. After you have a better idea of what project deserves the most attention, it is easier to define the rest of project planning goals.  

Make A Timeline 

Time flies…especially this time of year! After you create your list of prioritized home improvement projects, create a timeline of how long you anticipate each project to last. Some projects are hard to gauge a specific duration of time, but if you have any questions about how long similar projects usually last, give us a call.  When creating your timeline, keep in mind the seasons, what events will be happening within your family at that specific time and other elements that may hinder or impose on your time frame goals. Organizing projects into phases could be helpful within this planning step. For example, your family may decide to install a new roof as you simultaneously replace the windows of your home. Completing two projects at one time can be very time efficient and allow for more space between home renovations. Lastly, when creating a timeline, be sure to leave room for unplanned circumstances and spontaneous life happenings.  As we all know, you never know what life can throw your direction! 

Make A Budget 

The word, “budget,” can sometimes make us cringe. Crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets can be a daunting task, but it is critical for home improvement projects. After determining a project and creating a timeline that works with your schedule, it’s time to figure out finances. Online resources such as https://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/ can be helpful defining whether a project fits your current budget. Requesting a free estimate can be a great way to get a better idea of what a remodel could cost. If an exterior home improvement project doesn’t seem feasible at the moment, refer back to your list of potential projects and evaluate which revamp is more suitable for the time-being.  

Plan Your Team 

You always want the best people on your team, especially when it comes to something as important as your home. Your goals require a team of professional, certified, goal-oriented individuals. In addition, it is imperative to find contractors that are licensed and insured to ensure nothing goes astray on the project site. Give us a call today to assemble a team fit for the job! 

Stay Positive and Stay in Touch 

After many long months of planning, getting a project underway can be a satisfying feeling. One of the most essential steps in reaching your exterior home improvement goals is staying optimistic! Your project may take time and require patience. Keep the end goal in mind and communicate with your contractors. If something is not meeting your initial plans or time frame, touch base with your team to confirm that everything is on track.  

Need help launching your exterior home improvement goals for 2019? Give us a call!