Preparing Your Home For Michigan Winter

Winter coats are out of storage, Thanksgiving Day preparations have begun and you’re heating up the fireplace. This can only mean one thing: winter is almost here. As Michigan residents, snow (and lots of it) is familiar to us. While our homes are built to withstand brutal winter weather conditions, there are still some proactive ways to further protect your home. Putting aside a few hours to check your roof, windows and doors before the snow storms hit can save hundreds of dollars in future damage. Here are some great ways to prep your home for the Michigan winter months!

Avoid Ice-Dam Damage

Preventing an ice-dam before it occurs is the best way to safeguard your roof, ceiling and the walls of your home. You may be asking yourself, “what is an ice dam?” An ice dam is a reservoir that is formed on the edge of your roof after heavy snowfall. When the warm air from your attic causes snow to melt, water runs down the side of the roof and refreezes on the edge of the roof, forming a mound of ice. This reservoir then seeps underneath the shingles and can ultimately end up allowing water into the ceiling of your home. There are a few ways, however, to combat ice dams and protect your home prior to the snowfall: 

  • Make your attic the same temperature as outside by introducing ventilation with roof/soffit vents 

  • Seal leakage paths between home and attic space 

  • Insulate the attic floor, keeping heat inside of the home and out of the attic 

  • Use a snow rake to keep large amounts of snow off your roof 

ice dam.JPG


Check Your Shingles   

The condition of your roof can play a large role in the heating and upkeep of your home. Inspecting your roof BEFORE snow comes could be beneficial in avoiding high heating bills and water leakage into your home. “Cleaning” your roof can be as simple as removing and replacing shingles, flushing gutters and inspecting the attic to see if there are leaks. This checklist from House Logic can guide you step by step through an inspection for your roof https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/inspecting-and-maintaining-your-roof/.

Due for a roof replacement? Give us a call and we can take the load off! 

Caulk Windows and Doors to Seal Air Leaks 

According to energy.gov 25% of your home's heat is lost through small cracks and holes throughout your home. It only takes a few hours to fill air leaks or gaps in your home, which can eliminate drafts and lower your energy bill. Using caulk around windows and doors can seal your home and keep the heat in.  In need of new doors or windows? Let's chat about what option suits your home best in both appearance and affordability!

Is your home ready for the Michigan winter ahead?