Discover the Two Most Popular Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding continues to prove itself as a durable solution for Michigan homes. While there are many kinds of siding options with different materials and styles, vinyl siding is a popular choice considering the weather fluctuations we experience in Michigan. So, what makes vinyl siding so great and why do we recommend it at Exteriors of Lansing?

Vinyl Siding is Incredibly Durable

When considering new siding for your home, it is easy to lean towards what looks the most glamourous. Wood siding, metal siding and brick siding might give you the look that you want, but will it last? What does it take to maintain it? Vinyl siding can still give you the jaw dropping curb appeal you’re looking for while withstanding the extreme weather conditions we can experience. Wind, rain, hail, sun, heat… we can experience it all in a week’s time – thank you, Michigan! Vinyl siding can also be an excellent choice to withstand rot. Plus, bugs and insects don’t typically find vinyl siding to be a good place to camp out.

  • Vinyl siding requires little maintenance

  • Vinyl siding is easy to clean

  • Vinyl siding is tough and can hold up in extreme conditions

  • Vinyl siding can be easily repaired (in most cases)

  • Vinyl siding has a long-life expectancy

Vinyl Siding Comes in Many Styles

Don’t be fooled…vinyl siding can achieve the just about any look you want. If you want a cottage-like look for your home – that can be done with vinyl siding. Looking for a deep woods cabin look? We can do that. Looking for a modern design? We can do that too. Want the look of wood shingles without the headache of actual wood? We can do that! The options are endless, which makes vinyl siding one of the most versatile options for home siding.

Once we nail down the look you want to achieve, we can then discuss colors and textures. What color trim do you want? Do you want shutters? What style of windows do you want? At Exteriors of Lansing, we can help you navigate all your options and make sure that the other pieces like windows, shutters, and the roof all tie in together to achieve the very look you want for your home.

We’re confident that your neighbors will be talking about your curb appeal for years to come! Interested in learning more about our siding options? Give us a call to set up your appointment today.