Your Complete Guide to New Windows for Your Home

What type of window is best for your home?

Is it time to replace your windows? How do you know when the time is right?

Replacing vinyl windows not only adds beauty and style to your home but adds value and comfort. Windows with a high-quality frame and double panes (for insulation) can also save you up to 48% on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Replacing your windows can reduce heating and cooling costs, improve your home's appearance, reduce outside noise and increase the security of your home.

If your windows have been broken, chipped or endured wear and tear from Michigan weather conditions, look no further than Exteriors of Lansing! We provide our customers with windows that are custom-made to fit your current window openings. Additionally, we feature a broad range of styles. Without compromising performance or beauty, our Alside window selection is designed to bring your vision to reality.

There is a variety of window styles available - so what is the difference between them all?

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Awning Windows

Awning windows let fresh air in, even when it’s raining. The hinge at the top swings outward, allowing air to flow from the bottom and sides. These windows are typically hung higher on walls, offering more privacy and natural light. 

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows can be lifted from the bottom or lowered from the top! Both the upper and lower sash of a double hung window tilts inward making it easier to clean your windows. These windows are best suited for rooms that look out onto decks, patios or landscape.

Garden Windows

Garden Windows are perfect for growing herbs and other plants throughout the year! These windows feature great ventilation. Alside garden windows don’t chip, blister or peel. The large seat board creates plenty of space for your favorite indoor plants

bay window

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are made up of three windows, with a larger one in the middle and smaller windows on each side. These windows provide an ideal place to add seating to a room and expand the appearance of interior space. Bay and Bow windows will add style and comfort to your home.

Hopper Windows

These windows open from the bottom and towards the inside - the opposite of an Awning Window. These windows provide abundant ventilation and are easy to clean. Hopper windows are great for bathrooms and basements.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are side-hinged and open outward. Usually taller than they are wide, these windows are energy efficient and create an attractive finish in your home. Casement windows do not have a frame in the middle of the glass, delivering plenty of sunlight and a view of the outdoors.

Lite Slider Windows

Slider Windows

Lite slider windows are self-explanatory; windows that slide on a track. 2-Lite windows have two big sliding panes, 3-Lite is 3. Each lite is large and unobstructed. Slider windows easily glide side to side and are a great substitute for casement windows.


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