Why You Need to Clean Your Siding

You've started to notice the condition of the siding on your home is looking "well-loved" and maybe even a little worn down. Siding upkeep is one of the most forgotten about and neglected tasks of home improvement to-do lists. However, siding is one of the most critical elements to the curb appeal of your home! Maintaining your siding is easier than you think here are some reasons why you should clean the siding of your home.

Your Siding Endures a lot Throughout the Year

How to Clean your Vinyl Siding

Between the unpredictable Michigan weather, inevitable wear and tear, and dirt and grime build-up, the siding on your home can face some drastic conditions. Because siding is exposed to many natural effects of the outdoors, it is important to take the necessary measures to keep your home in tip-top shape. Your siding could be acquiring algae, mold, and mildew from consistent moisture. Also, herbicides and fertilizers used on the lawn can also impact the condition of your siding. Taking the time to give your home a good bath can go a long way. Just as you clean the interior surfaces of your home – counter tops, flooring, walls and more – your siding should be treated no differently.

Siding is Your Home's First Impression

This is obvious, but true! The first thing people see when they look at your home is the siding. Your siding deserves the same tender, loving care as your roof, windows, lawn, etc. Basic maintenance of your home can amplify the curb appeal and even make for an easier sale in the future. The best part? Siding only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year!

Do it Yourself (And it's Pretty Easy)!

Cleaning the siding of your home is as simple as 1,2,3. You will need three items: a soft bristle brush, water and white vinegar and a bucket. The clean siding formula calls for 70% water and 30% vinegar. After dipping your soft bristle brush into the bucket, scrub from the bottom up. Bob Villa shares with us the best methods for cleaning siding and gives some alternative methods. Warm weather, a simple cleaning recipe and a large glass of lemonade make for a great weekend siding cleaning project!

Maybe you have never thought about cleaning your siding before or maybe you are a seasoned pro. Siding is one of the most important visual elements of your home and important to be cared for! Cleaning your siding is a great addition to your summer to-do list. 

If you have any questions about siding maintenance or a siding revamp, give us a call or fill out our contact form.