Five Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Home improvement projects are easier to accomplish with an incentive. Beyond improving the livability, appearance, curb appeal and overall condition of your space, home improvement ventures can add incredible value to your home! Whether you are planning on moving in the future or staying in your home for years to come, renovations and updates are always a beneficial investment. Here are five projects to add value to your home:

Five Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Door Replacement

Your front door is a staple to the curb appeal of your home. Every person that visits your home will see it. From a bold, bright yellow to a subtle, neutral taupe, the entry to your home can make a statement. A door replacement can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home. The installation of a new steel door can recover about 96.6% of the initial costs when you look to sell your home. Although this is a small, affordable improvement, the task can lead to a more attractive and welcoming entry way. Be sure to keep in mind current trends and colors when purchasing a new door. A bright green door may only impress a specialized market. 

New Windows

Let light in! According to CNBC, window replacements can earn up to 85% back on your initial investment back when it comes time to have your home appraised. This project can also save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill each year. Cooling costs could take up to 40% of your annual energy budget. This renovation is a win-win for current home owners and future residents! 

Add a Deck

Everyone loves a comfortable space to enjoy time with friends and family outside on a warm summer evening. A deck is an excellent addition to the exterior of your home for entertaining, dining and outdoor fun!  If your existing deck or stairs need grave repair, a new deck can even improve the safety of your home. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decks, check out our decks page to learn more.

New Roof ROI

Replace Your Roof

Having a reliable roof over your head can offer a sense of safety and assurance. Although this project is a larger investment, it has a sizeable payoff, and one that has a long lifetime. The rate of investment of a new roof receives around 75% of the initial costs.  A roof generally comes with an extensive warranty to guarantee long-lasting protection. When considering a roof remodel, be sure to seek out a trustworthy contractor for the job! A well-done roof installation can offer peace of mind and a major improvement to your home.

Update Your Siding

Siding on a home is often one of the most neglected aspects of the exterior condition of a home. According to Business Insider, updating or replacing the siding on your home is a smart investment because of the enhanced curb appeal and the controlling of energy costs.  New siding has an average return of 78%.  

Projects that increase of the value of your home seem like massive undertakings. One of the most important steps to take in selecting which project to tackle first is to plan! Hiring a professional to come inspect your home and strategize a home improvement plan is a great way to start. Taking the necessary measures prior to renovations can help the process move along smoothly.  

While bigger home improvement projects have a greater return on investment, smaller undertakings can also go a long way. Painting, updating door knobs, simple landscaping and staging a home prior to putting it on the market are just a few examples of home updates that can be tackled in an afternoon.  

We would love to help you brainstorm and plan your next home improvement project!  

Happy renovating!